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Probably one of the most challenging things people struggle with today is feeling like they are alone: alone in their emotions, alone in their struggles, and alone in their situation in life. Conflict and heartache in families, in work situations, in marriages, and in friendships are common. Knowing how to manage all of these things is challenging and confusing. Having someone there to walk through these circumstances of life and to provide help is an invaluable resource. At Olive Branch Family Counseling, that is what we do. We are here to walk with you, and help you in the care of the struggles you are facing in life. Our goal is to empower you, through the application of Christian principles, to orient your life in ways that help you handle your conflicts in a manner that is in conformity to the nature of your self, God, others, and society at large.  We want to encourage you to live the life God has planned for you, by helping you work out, with integrity, the current difficulties you are facing.