Online Counseling Services Available in Video Chat Format


Marriage & Premarital Counseling

Experiencing conflict and difficulty in getting along?
Feeling distant and less connected?
Feeling unable to communicate?
Feeling criticized and blamed?
Feeling unheard and not understood?

It’s not uncommon for couples to feel like they are missing each other;  this often results in escalated fighting and drifting apart that leaves both feeling alone, disconnected, and even hopeless.  In this state, couples are more likely to do things that hurt each other, things that often require healing.  Couples can break this cycle and  reconnect and strengthen their relationship by utilizing resources in the following areas:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Relationship Building 
  • Communication Skills
  • Parenting Styles
  • Infidelity Recovery
  • Grief Processing
  • Trust Issues
  • Codependency 
  • Emotional Processing, Understanding, and Connection 
  • Life Stage Transitioning 

Family Counseling

Families are complex systems composed of individuals that represent all stages of life’s development cycle.  Each stage carries its own needs and challenges, and each member has an impact on all the other members.  Stresses often build up in family life, whether with a newly wedded couple, a new baby, childhood & adolescence, divorce or remarriage, job loss or transition, retirement and the sunset years, or loss of loved ones.  There are supports and resources that help families with the following: 

  • Parenting Skills 
  • Parent-Child Relations
  • Blended Family Adjustments 
  • Substance Use Issues  
  • Behavioral Issues 
  • Emotional Issues such as Depression, Anxiety, and Anger
  • Conflict Resolution

Individual Counseling

Stress or Anxiety?
Shame and Self-Esteem?
Loss & Grief?
Self-Control?  Eating, Sex, or Impulse Control? 
Pornography or Sexual Compulsion? 
Substance Use Issues?  

Many of us are confronted with situations or struggles in life that seem overwhelming.  These troubles can be within ourselves and affect how we manage our lives, or can be with various relations such as family, school, work, peers, or acquaintances.  Often we develop ways of coping that are not productive, and even detrimental and destructive to ourselves and others.  There are resources and supports that can help with the following:

  • Learning Coping Skills
  • Identify Harmful Beliefs and Thinking Patterns
  • Process Painful Emotions
  • Develop a New Self Concept and Self Acceptance
  • Relational Skills
  • Communication Skills 
  • Learning New Habits 


Online Counseling 

In addition to meeting clients in person, online counseling services are also available via video chat format.  Just mention “Online Counseling” in the comments box when scheduling an appointment on the contact page.  If the appointment is set by phone, just request this option when the appointment is set.